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Bold and Blunt

Feb 10, 2022

Too often in America, the public servant class is able to skirt constitutional accountability because of a system called qualified immunity that makes it nearly impossible for the private citizen to sue for government offenses. It's time to revisit this system and reform it. And while we're at it, we ought to look at no-knock warrants and civil asset forfeiture, too. Why should some in society be allowed to run around constitutional processes, while the majority cannot? After all, justice is supposed to be blind. America is supposed to have a classless society. Citizens are supposed to have God-given rights, not rights that come from government bureaucrats. And the political class is not supposed to be treated to better protections, more protections, additional rights and powers that lock out the private citizens from pursuing and obtaining justice. The Institute for Justice's Anya Bidwell talks about the shocking two-tier system of law in this country that's giving bureaucrats who brazenly break laws a court-sanctioned layer of protection from accountability.