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Bold and Blunt

Jun 23, 2022

Think twice before sending your kids to college in America -- that's the sad and sorry takeaway of today's show. Why? Because the LGBTQ agenda is in full steam ahead mode on most places of higher learning in this country, and the fact is, students are being caught up in the crazy. Professors are being punished for refusing to call students by their chosen pronouns. Clubs are being created to advance an idea that transgenderism is normal, not abnormal. And those kids who disagree with the obvious lies and delusions of the LGBTQ crowd are rapidly becoming the targets for persecution and punishment. It's almost not worth sending children to college these days out of concern they'll come home a left-wing nutcase. Ed Bartlett, chairman of a group the does work with college campuses, discusses a new poll that gives some interesting insights into what Americans are really thinking about the LGBTQ movement.