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Bold and Blunt

Mar 21, 2023

A strange phenomenon has rocked some college campuses in America in recent times, shocking mainstream media, angering leftists and driving the secularists and socialists batty. What is it? Prayer. Prayer vigils. Prayer revivals and prayer, 'round-the-clock. Prayer by students, of students and from students. Prayer that won't stop. Prayer that won't quit. Mark Burrell, author of "Rediscovering the American Covenant," sees this as an optimistic sign. And so should all patriotic Americans. After all, anything that drives the corporate media, the left, the secularists and the socialists nuts should be automatically embraced. It's always a good sign when America turns to prayer, anyway. American Exceptionalism is rooted in the idea that rights come from God. So it's impossible to have God-given rights if the people aren't prayerful and biblical. The fact America's youth are turning to God is a solid sign of an America that hasn't yet fallen into total destruction.