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Bold and Blunt

Aug 25, 2022

Imagine FBI agents and their law enforcement partners storming into your home, seizing your personal items, boxing up your possessions and removing them from the house, then cuffing you and carting you off and sticking you in prison -- and ultimately, in solitary confinement. For days. For weeks. For months. For however long they can. Maybe you'd expect that treatment if you were a criminal -- or, not an American. But what about if you're just someone who, say, supports Donald Trump or works for Donald Trump or writes favorably about Donald Trump or associates with Donald Trump -- and that was your so-called "crime" and prosecutable offense? What if you came under Department of Justice fire simply for the "crime" of being conservatives? Far too many still believe such scenarios could never happen in America; that America, land of the free, does not engage in secret police or communist practices; that America, beacon of liberty, does not allow persecution of people based on their politics. But it happens. It has happened. And worse, it can happen to any Jane or Joe Citizen. Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chief, discusses his own personal experiences with Robert Mueller and the deep staters who despised all-things-Trump.