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Bold and Blunt

Jul 23, 2020

The Supreme Court's recent rulings on separate LGBTQ cases have set the course for years of legal wrangling -- and that means years of societal, educational, cultural and athletic confusion for the rest of us. Jennifer Braceras, a legal analyst with the Independent Women's Law Center, weighs in and warns: We're in for...

Jul 14, 2020

Pastor Paula White-Cain, author "Something Greater," has been the long-time spiritual adviser to Donald Trump, and she assures Christians around the country: This president prays, this president prays a lot, and this president will never quit for the nation of America, the country he loves.

Mar 3, 2020

Democrats say they're all about tolerance and equality and diversity, but that's all smoke and mirrors. Fact is, Democrats are pretty racist -- and you can see that in how they bend over backwards, every campaign season, to drum up black votes. It's ridiculous. It's offensive. It's ineffective. And Black Voices...