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Bold and Blunt

Feb 28, 2023

The LGBTQ community has managed to infiltrate the guardians of the etiquette gates and now, manners' columnists and so-called etiquette experts everywhere are actually putting forth the notions that it's polite to pretend boys who want to be girls, and vice versa, can actually do so by changing their pronouns or clothing styles. This is yet one more sign of the cultural degradation that's rotting America from within -- and there's one etiquette expert who's had enough of it and is fighting the LGBTQ deceptions. Kelley Yates, author and internationally known etiquette trainer, chats on how to fight the dangerous LGBTQ lies that are being pushed into society and more than that, why it matters. As manners go, so goes the culture, so goes the political systems, so goes the entire nation.