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Bold and Blunt

May 3, 2022

National statistics show that millions of children are abused by the ones they love each year -- sexually, mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically. So what of these poor victims? The Democrats would have it believed the government is their only solution; the government is their only savior. But the truth is: Government keeps these poor souls in bondage, by not only telling them they're victims (which is true) but also by telling them their victim status means they can never amount to anything (which is false). Only God can restore their seeds of greatness -- only God can give back what Satan stole. If Americans truly want to help those who are the least in society, then it's imperative that those who are the least are told and made to believe that they're made for something greater in life -- something greater than being an addict, a victim, a cradle-to-grave charity case. Guest Brooke Robertson talks about her journey of healing from sexual abuse through the God-given blessing and talent of song.