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Bold and Blunt

Apr 26, 2022

In America, individual rights come from God, and government is put in place only to secure and protect those rights, not grant them. But far too many times today's government stretches its boundaries and exerts its influences in ways that aren't constitutional, that aren't in line with Founding Father intents and that aren't even particularly moral in nature. If more Americans focused on the war over "God-given rights" instead of running from battle to battle, believing that the next election will bring liberty, or the incoming politician will bring back freedoms, then maybe America wouldn't be facing such an assault on individualism right now. Pure and simple: leftists want globalism and collectivism, and ultimately, the total annihilation of God from the public stage. Leftists ultimately want the worship of the people. So the bigger war is not about elections and Republicans winning over Democrats; it's about the ability of the American people to insist on God-given over government-granted. Pete Peterson with Pepperdine University discusses.