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Bold and Blunt

Aug 4, 2022

You Can't Keep A Good American Down

These times may be dark -- but they're also times of optimism. It's true, most Americans believe we're on the wrong path and that the country is headed in the wrong direction. In fact, a recent poll shows that 88% of Americans believe the nation is going the wrong way, and that dark times are upon us. But that doesn't mean America is dead. That doesn't mean American Exceptionalism is at an end. And that sure doesn't mean Americans have decided to throw in the white towel, call it quits and give up the nation to the far leftists that are fighting to exploit its resources for globalist, elitist purposes. Rather, America's greatness comes from a spirit -- a spirit of Judeo-Christian ideology, a spirit of God-given freedom, a spirit of belief in a higher power. And a spirit can never be killed. Kurt Schlichter, author of the new best-selling "We'll Be Back," discusses.