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Bold and Blunt

Feb 17, 2022

Gov. Glenn Youngkin just signed into law a bill that handed back parental rights to parents by taking the decisions on whether or not to face mask kids in schools away from the bureaucrats. What a win for freedom. What's great about this is the fact this is a law, not just an executive order, not just a government mandate, not just a bureaucratically issued suggestion-slash-dictate -- but a real, true, constitutionally passed law. So Democrats in the teachers unions, in the school boards, in the political realm cannot undo this authority without passing a law that, in essence, undoes the authority. From fascism to freedom, in one fell swoop. Now more legislatures in more states and more politicians in more offices need to do the same. Enough of the coronavirus-fueled mandates, more of the constitutional and duly passed pieces of legislation. Time for normalcy -- meaning law and order -- to return. Longtime editor, commentary writer and media pundit Terry Jeffrey discusses the state of freedoms in America in this COVID-19 crazed atmosphere the leftists are desperately trying to exploit.