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Bold and Blunt

Mar 28, 2023

On the heels of a shooting by a transgender at a private Christian school in Tennessee that left three children and three adults dead, perhaps it's high time to return to societal recognition of the LGBTQ movement as rooted in mental disorder and filled with people who are psychologically disturbed. It wasn't so long ago that men who thought they could change their sex at will and become women, and vice versa, were treated for psychological problems, labeled as victims of gender dysphoria. But to dare suggest today that transgenderism is a mental illness in need of professional help is to invite condemnation. Ryan Bomberger, who heads up The Radiance Foundation with his wife, Bethany, discusses. Who would have thought the Bombergers' new book, "She Is She," would be regarded as radical in title and theme? That's where America's at, though. And it's time to return to normalcy -- and honesty.