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Bold and Blunt

Oct 12, 2021

For more than a year, Anthony Fauci has been the go-to guy for the government and media on all things coronavirus, and he's handled that role by recommending, advising, cautioning, chastising, warning, suggesting and hinting at all the dire things to come if we don't pay attention to his COVID-tied remarks. In other words: He's been the COVID Czar. At the same time, he acts like he doesn't have a thing to do with policy -- that he's all about the science, nothing about the politics. He's quite the deceiver. And guest Peter Navarro of former Donald Trump White House fame has much to say about the man -- including an explanation of why Fauci is "absolutely evil." Navarro's also got a new book coming out this November called "In Trump Time" that sheds even more light on the Fauci darkness.