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Bold and Blunt

Oct 28, 2021

The list of President Joe Biden's lies grows long -- so long, in fact, that even liberal-leaning press can't avoid covering them. PolitiFact, run by The Poynter Institute, was keeping a running tab on all of Biden's campaign lies. But then the organization stopped -- maybe because of cost overruns? It must be very expensive to hire enough people to cover all this administration's lies. USA Today, Yahoo! News -- these are just two other perhaps unexpected outlets that have covered Biden's ongoing fabrications. It's getting to the point it would be easier and quicker to print his truths. And here's the question: In a nation torn by political dissent and fiery cultural and governmental differences, how can a bridge be built between those who speak truth and those who chronically lie? That may be a question for the ages. But author, speaker and public figure Will Witt has some words of wisdom for influencing those of different political bent, and it includes tapping into tact and humor -- something this nation could very well use right now.