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Bold and Blunt

Jan 27, 2022

America was founded in large part on the quest for a land that offered religious freedom. But how rooted to that freedom is modern America? It's true, Americans enjoy God-given rights, at least in concept, and a First Amendment that underscores religious liberty as near-sacrosanct. At the same time, America has increasingly turned the corner toward secularism and materialism, and American businesses have become all too willing to jump into bed with countries that persecute believers. The American consumer, meanwhile, has become all too accustomed to buying products from nations with immoral governments filled with tyrannical politicians who lead up the persecution of believers. China, anyone? It's time to become part of the solution, not the problem. It's time to right America's skewed moral compass and put God, godly governance and principled government at the helm -- and set money-making as a secondary consideration, at best. Tom Garrett, former congressman, has a story of personal faith to share about how he left behind his demons to find a path of fighting for religious freedoms around the world. He talks about, a documentary production in the making that highlights the dire need for those of faith to help fight the persecution that's taking place right now, under our very noses, all around the world.