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Bold and Blunt

Nov 3, 2022

It's election time and once again, many Americans are wondering if their ballots will be properly counted, and if their district races will finish with fair outcomes. How did America ever get to the point of being so close to a banana republic? Author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza weighs in on the red flags he still sees with the nation's electoral process -- beginning with the outcome of the Donald Trump v. Joe Biden 2020 count. His view: Enough fraud was committed in 2020 that the White House was stolen from Trump. Meanwhile, Pew Research finds that far too many Americans -- mostly Republicans -- are fearful this midterm will travel a fraud-filled path and culminate in unearned wins for Democrats. The problem is we've allowed too much mail-in balloting and early voting. It's time to get back to Election Day -- as a single day.