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Bold and Blunt

May 16, 2023

The federal government is supposed to work for the people. But those days are long gone, as the much-awaited Durham report shows. Not only did John Durham find in his special counsel look at Russia Collusion that the FBI far and away violated its core duties -- to be unbiased agents of law enforcement and law and order. But he also found -- without specifically using these words -- Donald Trump was right: The FBI served as a weaponized political tool of the Democrat Party. This isn't just a problem for Trump. This is a problem for the entire country. If America can't trust its federal authorities to serve the people and not the political ambitions of the select few, then America's republic is doomed to spiral into a tyrannical cesspool where individual liberties go to die. What's needed is accountability. What's needed is transparency. What's needed is a political will on Capitol Hill to hold liars' feet to the fire when they try, try, try again to push their lies onto the American people. Jonathan Emord, constitutional attorney-turned-Senate-candidate, discusses the need for principles in politics and warns: America's fading fast.