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Bold and Blunt

Aug 9, 2022

The problem with Democrats is that aside from their abysmal policies, socialist platforms and globalist, anti-America views, is that once they see an opening to score political wins, they will push and push and push until even the most moderate voters in the country have difficulty keeping down their lunches. That is to say: Democrats are so disgusting in their politics they even turn normal Democrat voters into non-voters, or worse for them, Republican voters. Such is the FBI's raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home. Talk about a communist action. Talk about the weaponizing of America's federal law enforcement for political gain. This is what Democrats do, though. They've pushed their rotten policies into public schools; they've pushed their LGBTQ agendas into the mainstream; they've sold an anti-America, anti-liberty, anti-family platform for so long, they're alienating their normal, traditional voting bases -- like Hispanics, like blacks, like moms. And now comes a campaign, Lady Up, America, to teach moms specifically how to fight back against these socialist sources and forces. Diane Canada, kicking of an 18-city tour to teach moms how to fight effectively, and how to become part of the Lady Up, America, movement, joins Bold and Blunt.