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Bold and Blunt

Oct 20, 2022

Democrats for decades have been tearing down traditional family structure, trying to make it seem as if the normal is abnormal, and vice versa. And recently, the left has seized on the notion of toxic masculinity, making it appear as if men, as if manhood, as if masculinity itself are just shy of caveman behaviors and that if it weren't for Democrats, and particularly radical feminist Democrats, that this entire sex would be doomed for self-destruction. Toxic masculinity has seemingly become equated with criminal behavior. From there, the left has then sold the idea that if the default position for men is criminal behavior, then the solution for this toxic masculinity is for men to become more like women -- and from there, sold the idea that fair is fair, if men can become women then women should be allowed to become men. Voila, the transgender movement moves mainstream. Thankfully, backlash to the insanity is building and there are groups, like the Promise Keepers, who don't mind taking a stand on the wall to defend manhood. CEO Ken Harrison discusses.