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Bold and Blunt

Jun 28, 2022

Abortion has been returned to the states to decide. Gun rights in New York have been restored. And Coach Kennedy can indeed pray on the field after football games. Those are all recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court and those are all big wins for conservatives in America. And guess who's to be thanked for these court rulings? By and large, Donald Trump. If it hadn't been for Donald Trump, and Donald Trump's pressing on his Republican colleagues in the Senate, and Donald Trump's insistence to appoint judges who stayed firm on the side of the Constitution -- then these court wins could just as easily have been court losses. If the nation's highest court had gone moderate, or God forbid, gone liberal, just think where America would be right now regarding abortion rights, religious freedoms and the Second Amendment. Jenna Ellis, legal adviser to Donald Trump during his presidency and his reelection campaign, chats.