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Bold and Blunt

Apr 14, 2022

Christians in America certainly don't face the same intensity level of persecution felt by those of the faith in other countries; American evangelicals, for instance, aren't getting their heads cut off and aren't being thrown in jail for the simple act of worshipping God and reading the Bible at home. But remember: Churches were just shut down by government order due to the coronavirus clampdowns. And meanwhile, in schools across America, it's becoming harder and harder for youthful Christians to exercise their God-given rights of free worship and talk about biblical principles. Try wearing a cross necklace in some schools and see what happens; try talking about Jesus at Christmas-time and see what happens; or in the case of one student in one school, try talking about homosexuality in context of biblical truths and see what happens. Abe Hamilton, general counsel with American Family Association, talks about his court fight on behalf of a student who was suspended for talking about homosexuality in terms of what the Bible teaches.