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Bold and Blunt

Jul 19, 2022

If America needs moral people to run a government that's moral, then the good news is those in the faith-based communities have been steadily rising up and fighting for the future of American freedoms. Simply put, previous elections have seen massive upticks in the evangelical votes. And while this voting bloc is actually very diverse, and different races and different sexes have different platforms and concerns, fact is all share a common trait of believing the concept of a higher power and therefore, a higher source of accountability -- and that means they're all able to self-control and self-govern. That means they all share an ability to reel in their fleshly behaviors and fleshly impulses because they all believe that one day they'll be accountable for their earthly actions to a higher power. That means they don't need Big Government telling them how to behave. And all that means: the future freedom of America relies on the turnout of the faith-based community at the polls. Timothy Head, executive director of Faith & Freedom Coalition, discusses his group's recent "Road to Majority 2022" event in Nashville, Tennessee.