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Bold and Blunt

Jul 28, 2022

China is perhaps the biggest peril to Americans' freedoms these days, and yet, this current administration, this current Joe Biden administration, seems to do more to benefit the communist government than the U.S. citizens. The Democrats can't be that stupid or foolish. The only sane conclusion to this White House's pro-China policies is to see them in terms of purposeful: that is to say, this president would rather help China build, even if means seeing America broken. One key takeaway from this administration's siding with communists over capitalists, that is to say, with China over free Americans, is the president's failure to fully acknowledge the source of the COVID-19 virus and the uncomfortable ties of certain Americans to a) communists and b) the Wuhan lab -- and to act accordingly on the information. According to one recent research project from U.S. security experts, China's on a mad, madcap trajectory to not only take over America, but also depress America's population. China, says Frank Gaffney, with Center for Security Policy, wants to control America's population. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie -- or at least out of a Bill Gates' b