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Bold and Blunt

Oct 18, 2022

For over two years, the nation's highest paid bureaucrat, Anthony Fauci, skipped his way to near dictatorial powers by pretending to be "science" while advising, recommending and guiding what Americans should do to fight off the coronavirus. Problem is, his advice, recommendations and guidance were more often than not taken as dictates. And that he was able to become America's Tyrant and seize individual liberties on a daily basis by ducking and dodging accountability and using language that gave him the tools to duck and dodge -- saying things like perhaps, and potentially, and maybe -- is a horrible truth that is only growing more horrible by the day. Why? Well, now Fauci's out there in the media merrily gaslighting the American public. For instance, he now says he had nothing to do with closing down America's public schools. Really? He must be held accountable for his deceptions and spins and lies. A new film, "The Real Anthony Fauci," based on Robert Kennedy's book of the same title, gets the ball rolling. Producer Jeff Hays discusses and warns that unless midterms fall the right way, Fauci may escape accountability.