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Bold and Blunt

Jun 16, 2022

America is falling, China is rising and relations between the two nations are in a cold standoff: Agree or disagree? And before deciding, realize the many, many ways China's communists are stepping toward global dominance, versus the many, many ways America, under feckless leadership and far leftist political influence, are stepping away from that role on the world stage. China's building up its military; America's not. China's making many of America's own products, like pharmaceuticals; America's farming out manufacturing and production. China's strategizing with its control of rare earth elements; America's putting environmentalism as a top concern that leads to the purchase of Green items that, get this, are controlled by communist creation. China's looking to the skies with its technology; America's ceding its race to space and its surveillance systems to others. What's the solution? Vote out Democrats,  it would seem. Rep. Mike Waltz from Florida, who serves on many congressional committees that receive timely and crucial information about China and America's national security, has some dire words of warning.