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Bold and Blunt

Sep 27, 2022

Children are not animals. Yet Great Reset globalists think it’s a great idea to insert tracking chips in your children, in much the same way dog and cat owners do to their pets. Welcome to the Great Surveillance State. America needs to wake up and smell the tyranny. The left is busily trying to sell the idea the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the United Nations and all the global organizations only have at heart the best interests of the people. But more to truth, they hate individual freedom, they hate individualism, they love collectivism, they love communism — and that sets America right in the sight of their targets. The lockdowns under COVID-19 gave the globalists a little sample of how powerful they could grow in such a short amount of time. And they don’t want to let go. Author Marc Morano discusses the Great Reset’s latest maneuvers, including the strategic mission to kill U.S. energy and transportation systems, and sounds the alarm on why Americans need to awaken to this great danger, and immediately.