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Bold and Blunt

Oct 11, 2022

There are too many Americans today who would gladly trade liberties for a feeling of security and safety -- including free speech. And the government exploited this atmosphere like never before in the last couple years, using the coronavirus as cause to shut down so-called "dangerous" speech that countered the medical bureaucrat narrative. Now, we're at a time when critical race theory, cancel culture, and wokeness are exploding on the national scene, combining with a hurricane force to steal all that's great about America; all that's free about America; all that's the root of American Exceptionalism. What's more, as Pew Research Center recently found, the speech police are gaining power. Between 2018 and 2021, the percentage of U.S. adults who want the government to control what speech is put out for public consumption has grown by double digits. This is a dangerous time for patriotic Americans who love their liberties. Sid Rosenberg, media giant, offers some solutions for this new woke world we call America.