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Bold and Blunt

Mar 31, 2022

When American politicians put their own political parties first, and their constituents second, degradations to the concepts of God-given rights and limited governance take place. Out goes the Constitution, in comes the partisan bickering and fights and political infighting. Many of America's founders, including George Washington, detested the idea of parties running the political world because they feared a) political leaders would then become beholden to party leaders, not voters and b) the country would be split by political party fights, and fail to uphold the more inclusive tenets of the Constitution. And guess what? Look around, and that's exactly what's taking place today -- politicians far too often do the bidding of their respective party leaders than of their constituents. Those few bold and brave politicians who try to buck the party system by standing first for principle and second, for party will, are quickly brought to shame. Steve King, former congressman of Iowa, was one such politician who was attacked even by his own party members. He chats about what ails America, and how Americans can fix its problems before falling completely into a political and cultural morass.