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Bold and Blunt

Aug 23, 2022

Today's federal law enforcement agents are hardly trustworthy. Just take a look at how the FBI and Department of Justice, under the watchful, cheering eyes of Democrats, raided Donald Trump's personal home in Florida, rifled through his wife's clothes, seized boxes and boxes of documents and articles and possessions belonging to the former president -- and then called it all a rightful, proper, necessary execution of search warrant. It's an unprecedented raid on a political opponent, akin to how communist countries do their government business. And worse, it's a warning to all Americans about the utter demise of America's concept of rule of law. No matter whether you like Donald Trump or hate Donald Trump, fact is, emotion shouldn't be your guide on where you stand on this raid. The Constitution and the right of citizens to due process and the rule of law should be the ultimate decider. Those who don't stand on principle will fall to the winds of change, as well as to the whims of the people. Jenna Ellis, former attorney to Trump, speaks about the need to keep the rule of law strong in America.