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Bold and Blunt

Jul 21, 2022

The Democrats have been busily trying to tear America apart by dividing the American people into smaller classes, then using hate and fear and jealousy and anger to pit these smaller classes against each other. The end game? If Democrats can divide, they can more easily conquer. That's been a long-time strategy of a party that doesn't have much of a pro-American agenda to offer voters, and so must depend on ploys and deceptions to win elections. But the truth is, as much as the left tries to make it seem as if the Constitution is racist and sexist and worthy of replacing, no other country offers so equal an opportunity to all sorts of people and across all demographic boards, than America. The Democrats simply want to destroy the nation and with it, its ideal of exceptionalism -- God-given individual liberties. Democrats know they can't rule so long as people take their powers from God, and insist on politicians who are constrained by the limited government dictates of the Constitution. Dr. Ben Carson discusses the theme of his new book, "Created Equal" and why these nonstop catcalls about a racist America are so perilous to our country's freedoms.