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Bold and Blunt

Jan 24, 2023

America's youth are being endangered by a committed far left that wants nothing more than to kill the traditional family and replace it with individuals who are trained in the communist ways -- meaning, the state, the government, the pols are more important than mom and dad. The United Nations is pushing the sexualization of children. The global community is pressing for a new definition of family, one that puts the government, not the parents, in charge. And the youngest and most vulnerable, meanwhile, are being fed a steady diet of communist-type rot that has them thinking all that's great about America is really dangerous and problematic -- and all that's supposedly threatening and horrible about socialist and communist countries is really a lie. They're being trained in the Marxist way to go, and the forces pushing for this New World Family are at the United Nations. Author Kimberly Ells discusses her findings, based on ten years within the U.N. system.