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Bold and Blunt

Jul 14, 2022

Democrats have cast aside all appearances of loving America -- of even supporting America -- and instead, have taken up with globalists who are bluntly bent on doing China's will and turning the world communist. So what's a patriotic American citizen to do? Fact is, as Americans grow more and more secular, America grows more and more socialist, and these two things are decidedly linked. Democrats, like communists, ultimately want to wipe out all evidence of God from the public square, and more than that, from the private citizens' hearts. Why? For two reasons: First, God gets in the way of politicians' ability to control the citizenry. And second, in the end, leftist politicians actually want the worship of the people -- and they can't win that when God is still a factor in society. So the real fight in America is about keeping God alive and well and a major presence in society -- in politics, in the economy, in the school systems, in the culture. Since our freedoms are supposed to be God-given, the fate of our nation's freedoms relies on the ability of citizens to keep God at the forefront of all. Chris Salcedo, Newsmax TV host, radio host, podcast host and author, discusses.