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Bold and Blunt

Aug 30, 2022

Democrats, beware: The story of Hunter Biden's not disappearing any time soon, thanks in part to a recent astonishing admission from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg about working with the FBI (allegedly) to stifle the story and in even larger part to a new film making its debut -- just in time for midterms, no less -- called "My Son Hunter." Truth has a funny way of resurfacing and getting out, no matter how hard the deceivers and liars and spinmeisters try to stifle it. And really, when it comes to fighting for the soul of a nation, as Joe Biden likes to put it, there's nothing more powerful than influencing the culture. Robert Davi, actor, director, singer, talks Hunter, "My Son Hunter," Ronald Reagan, the culture, Hollywood and Marxism -- specifically, warning about the Marxist direction that America's been taking over the last few years. And it's a Bold and Blunt show you don't want to miss.