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Bold and Blunt

Mar 24, 2022

Metaverse isn't just simply the next shiny bit of technology to embrace. And it certainly isn't a video game. The metaverse threatens to be the breaking point for American liberties -- for American liberties as they come from God, not government. Once realized, the Metaverse will become the fictional alternative reality that will steal individual liberties, threaten the safety and mental health and well-being of the American citizenry, and zombie-like, hypnotize a generation of youth into ceding the seeds of greatness that God planted in them at birth for a life of pretend greatness -- for a faked, fabricated, fantasy world where government eyes are forever watching, tracking, surveilling, controlling. Scary stuff, yes? Newsmax TV host, columnist, former Republican Party official, former George W. Bush teammate and all-around conservative commentator Tom Basile weighs in on the dangers that lurk within this emerging technological platform, Metaverse. It's a show to awaken the slumbering patriots to say: Fight now, or forever let the Metaverse take over.