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Bold and Blunt

May 5, 2022

President Joe Biden just called the Make America Great Again, or MAGA, crowd the most extremist political organization in all of American history. No wonder America's youth are graduating school with outright hatred of and hostility to this country: this is the same deceptive rhetoric they're being fed by public school teachers. Fact is, Biden's ridiculous claim ignores the Weather Underground, a radical political group that the FBI said bombed 25 government buildings. His claim also ignores historical truths about the KKK, the New Black Panther Party, and more recently, antifa. But that's how the left furthers its anti-American agenda: by lies, deceits, historical revisionism, and the like. If America's youth are constantly fed such a diet of deceits, where does that leave the future of America's government, economy, and social structure? Sam Sorbo, Hollywood star and education activist, has some solutions to save America's youth from the propaganda breeding grounds of the left that have become the nation's public schools.