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Bold and Blunt

Sep 7, 2021

Americans, under the coronavirus, have been all too willing to give up essential liberties in the name of safety and security. But here we are, fully a year-and-a-half into COVID-19 mitigation measures, and the health bureaucrats are telling us to beware yet another variant, another possible surge of sickness, another potential crisis -- and that we might all have to wear face masks, social distance and prepare to stay at home for weeks, nay, months, nay, years to come. When does it all end? With September 11 right around the corner, it seems timely to remind: the Patriot Act was never meant to completely stifle individual liberties, either. The Patriot Act was supposed to be about protecting individuals' safety, too. It's like Mark Meckler says: Government's good intentions often go awry.