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Bold and Blunt

Feb 21, 2023

Israel Goes Conservative and Leftists Go Nuts

Read almost any mainstream news source since the reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu and it's if the nation known by the religious community as the apple of God's eye is about ready to self-destruct. That's because the media leans left and Netanyahu leans right -- so the animosity of the press toward Israeli leader politics has quadrupled overnight. It's interesting, though; the same things the press said of Donald Trump are now being said of Netanyahu. The same gloom and doom predictions made about America under a Donald Trump presidency are now being said of Israel under a Netanyahu prime minister post. The same lies being told about Trump's MAGA and America First policies -- that they're racist, they're misogynistic, they're homophobic -- are being told about Netanyahu's pro-Israeli policies. The left is going nuts over Israel right now. So what does Israel think about it all? Alex Traiman, CEO of Jewish News Syndicate and a long-time Israel resident, discusses what's really on the minds of the Israeli people.