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Bold and Blunt

Aug 16, 2022

Woke, woke, woke. Are you getting sick and tired of being told what to think all the time by the likes of corporate executives and social media censors and left-leaning Big Tech, Big Government, Big Pharma, Bigger Government Marxist-minded tyrants? Of course you are. Nobody likes to be told they're wrong -- constantly -- especially when it seems the only ones being told they're wrong -- constantly -- are the conservatives, the Christians, the patriots of America. Democrats are supposed to be the people of tolerance and diversity, yet they're the ones who are killing free speech, killing diversity, killing any notions of tolerance and acceptance. The more America goes woke, the more American ideals are going broke. And this is by design of the left, of course. A.J. Rice, CEO of Publius PR and author of "The Woking Dead," discusses.