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Bold and Blunt

Dec 29, 2022

Ever wonder why Democrats are always so quick to throw down the race card and cry racism, racist, racial discrimination? It's because it's so successful for them. As soon as Democrats label someone or something racist, then all debates and discussions come to an end. All dissenting viewpoints and conflicting opinions are stopped in their tracks. All countering narratives are silenced. And that's all that matters to Democrats. It's not so much about winning the debate or losing the debate as it is about making sure the other side is shut down, stifled, silenced and sent packing. Globalists are seeing the success of Democrats to destroy common sense discussions of policy and politics, and want in on the wins. Globalists love to exploit race because the division that occurs gives them open doors to exert globalist influences. Guest Kevin McGary, co-founder of Every Black Life Matters, discusses why Donald Trump is the right guy to fight these globalist forces and why his win in 2024 in the White House is so crucial to the preservation of American liberties.