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Bold and Blunt

Aug 2, 2022

It's one thing to see the utter damage the unions are causing in America insofar as rotting public students' minds with anti-American, pro-Communism messages, or as far as killing the rights of free citizens employed by private sector companies to speak and act as they wish. But it's another thing entirely to fight against these unconstitutional and even immoral intrusions in a way that's effective. Teachers' unions have become weapons of the Democrat Party to advance far leftist ideologies into the public school systems, at the detriment of America's youth, of America's emerging leaders, and therefore, of America's ability to secure and guarantee its freedoms into the future. Business unions have become the weapons of the Democrat Party to advance anti-free market ideals that make it difficult if not impossible for employees to exercise their individual, constitutional and God-given rights. What to do? How to fight? Mark Mix, president of an organization that tracks and fights unconstitutional union activities, discusses.