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Bold and Blunt

May 11, 2023

Modern America is far different from what it was a few decades ago -- from even a few years ago -- and that's not just speaking politically. Culturally, the country's grown coarser, uglier, more violent, less tolerant and yes, more evil. But it's the widespread acceptance of evil that's most dangerous. Countries typically go through cycles where one political time might show as more corrupt than another, but then the voting scales tip back toward moral righteousness and the public service officers chance their scandalous behaviors and justice is restored. What to do when there are no moral public service officers to take over the emptied seats, though? That's what happens when the culture turns rotten and the people become immune to the rot -- or outright accepting of the rot: there are no good men and women left to serve. This is where America is now walking, and it's due almost entirely to the evil that's infiltrated the Democrat Party and the culture of leftists. Radio host Ed Martin talks culture and evil and the cause of godlessness, and offers hope for better times.