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Bold and Blunt

Apr 19, 2022

A new poll shows that a majority of likely American voters believe President Joe Biden is compromised or conflicted when it comes to dealing with China because of his family's long-running business partnerships with the communist country. What's more, it's not just Republicans who believe this; a large percentage of independents and even Democrats think he's conflicted on China. Add to that an undercover investigation conducted by Accuracy in Media that finds schools in America that have been legislatively prevented from teaching critical race theory are still finding ways around those laws -- and are still teaching CRT to kids -- and the long-term dangers to America are massive. If everyone from the president of the United States to the youth, i.e. emerging leaders of America, believe China is a great model of governance and communism is a fairer way than capitalism to run an economy and the United States is not so much exceptional as needful of massive overhaul, to bring it more in line with collectivism and globalism -- then how can free America survive? Adam Guillette, AIM president, weighs in and discusses.